Case Study: Build Over CCTV Drain Inspection

image of a CCTV drain inspection machine

The Problem: Severn Trent Drains Build-Over Building an extension over or close to a shared sewer needs permission from the local water authority. Severn Trent require an approved drainage inspector to provide a sewer/drain survey and drawings for the build-over application. The Action Taken by the Drain Surveyor Locate the shared sewer around the area […]

Case Study: Drain Repairs

Pipe in the ground

The Problem: Drain Blockage in Birmingham The problem for this client was a blocked drain and a CCTV survey was carried out to locate a broken drainage pipe. The Action Taken: CCTV Drains Survey Report Our team attended the site to clean and clear a blockage in the outside drain. The CCTV survey revealed that […]

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