7 Shocking Discoveries by UK 24/7 Drain Unblocking Services

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7 Shocking Discoveries by UK 24/7 Drain Unblocking Services


When you’re working for a 24/7 drain unblocking service, you’d have to be pretty lucky not to encounter some grisly discoveries on the job. The UK is known for its rich history and beautiful countryside – but underneath the surface lurks a 200-year-old drainage system that hosts its fair share of shocking secrets!

What’s been causing blocked drains in Birmingham? You might be surprised

24/7 drain unblocking services

At MZR, we’re called out to investigate and clear blocked drains in Birmingham and all over the Midlands. Sometimes, the contents of said drains would keep even the most seasoned drain-unblocking professional up at night!

We’ve had plenty of unexpected discoveries in the drains we’ve unblocked locally – including living creatures, smartphones, illicit drugs and even an entire handbag!

Here are some of the 7 most shocking discoveries made by UK drain clearance professionals. Some of them will make you shudder.

7 most shocking discoveries you make when you’re providing a 24/7 drain unblocking service

1. An English Bull Terrier stuck in a drain pipe

At MZR we have first-hand experience of rescuing many animals from drains. Obvious candidates like rats and foxes and kittens – but also ducks, lizards and even a live snake! Last month, drain clearance professionals teamed up with the RSPCA in a 40-hour long mission to rescue Martha, an English Bull Terrier stuck in a drainage pipe in Pudsey. Martha was dehydrated and a little scratched but otherwise unharmed.

2. False teeth blocking drains

It’s surprising how common this one is! But we find them on the regular. How are people managing to get something that lives in their mouth down the loo? Our best guess is that people toss their glass of water without checking the contents – or its marital bliss turned into sabotage. If your dentures end up down the drain and you need help dealing with the blockage, here are our top tips for DIY drain unblocking. It’s up to you whether you want to use the dentures again afterwards…

dentures cause blocked drains in birmingham

3. Vehicles. Including half a mini.

This one sounds almost too ridiculous to be true… but it really happened! In 2014 drain unblocking professionals found half a mini car in a London sewer. Fortunately, no one was inside at the time! UK drainage staff have also found a Honda motorbike, and we’re regularly discovering car parts in the line of duty.

4. Buried treasure in UK drains

A study by Thames Water showed that the level of gold in sewerage systems was comparable to that found in working mines. The theory is that every time someone washes their hands, they’re rubbing tiny quantities of precious metals from wedding rings and jewellery. Speaking of which, at MZR we’ve retrieved a collection of watches, rings and bracelets from Midlands-blocked drains that Elizabeth Taylor would envy. Remember to take your jewellery off before washing your hands – and place them away from the sink and toilet!

5. Drain pipe creatures

We don’t mean creatures who’ve stumbled into drains…. we mean creatures that have actually developed in the drains themselves. CCTV drain survey footage showed disturbing images of huge sewer creatures… which turned out to be colonies of annelid words clumping together and sticking to the edge of sewer pipes. Grim. Check out the video.

6. A giant fatberg blocking the Birmingham drainage system.

We’ve blogged about this before – a couple of years ago a monster fatberg weighing more than 300 tonnes was found clogging a Birmingham drainage system. It had amassed from a collection of oil, grease, nappies, baby wipes, sanitary protection and random objects like underwear, tennis balls and toys. Evidence that the way you treat the drainage system is the way it will treat you. If you regularly have problems with your drains because of past abuse, like not keeping fat out of your drain pipes, call us on 0121 663 1060 and we’ll be happy to help.

7. Piranhas in Midlands blocked drains.

Normally resident in South America rather than Shropshire, half a dozen Piranhas were discovered in blocked drains in Telford. It’s thought they were being kept as exotic pets and were unceremoniously flushed down the loo. Needless to say, we don’t recommend flushing anything that isn’t intended for your drainage system down your toilet – and that includes your pets. Nobody wants a blocked drainage system – especially when the contents are flesh-eating monsters. Read more about keeping your drains in good condition in our guide.

pirhanas found blocking drains in telford

Find out what’s lurking in your drains with CCTV drain surveys near you

Unblocking drains for a living is never dull and we encounter all manner of strange items – from pets to purses, and adult toys to a family of ducks. However, when you’re called to unblock drains in the Midlands and discover piranhas swimming through the pipes, it’s definitely time to take a break from the job and have a cuppa. Even 24/7 drain unblocking services need a break from the excitement.

But if it’s too late, our emergency drain unblocking services are available 24/7

Plumbing and drainage nightmares come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a little backup or a complete blockage, we get the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so call us now for a fast response in Birmingham and across the Midlands.

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