Blocked Gully Drain? How to Ace Your Gully Drain Clearance Without Breaking a Sweat

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blocked gulley drain? all about gulley drain clearance

Ever had that sinking feeling when you notice you’re dealing with a blocked gully drain? Well, fret not! With a little DIY know-how, tackling that blocked gully drain is a breeze. So, stick that plumber’s number back in your drawer and let’s roll up our sleeves with some expert gully drain clearance tips from MZR drains.

1. Equip Yourself for Gully Drain Clearance

First things first. Ready your tools – your gloves, a bucket, a screwdriver, a gully grab, or a drainage rod. You most likely have these in your toolbox. If not, your local DIY store can help out – and no, you don’t need the most expensive one on the shelf to do a top-notch job of gully cleaning.

Check out this handy video guide to unblocking a sink gully here.

2. Getting Started with Unblocking Your Gully Drain

Your journey to unblock your gully drain starts with, you guessed it, a manhole near the gully drain. Now, use that trusty screwdriver of yours and lift the cover. And as for the grimy stuff below, remember: you’ve got your gloves and bucket ready!

3. Say Goodbye to the Gully Drain Blockages


blocked gully drain

Where gully drain clearance is concerned, this is the heart of the matter. Using your gully grab or drainage rod, explore the drain gently until you encounter resistance. That’s your blockage! With a little bit of careful negotiation, you can break it up and say goodbye to your gully drain blockage.

4. Finishing Your Gully Cleaning Session

Your successful gully drain clearance expedition isn’t complete without the clean-up. Do a thorough job of replacing the cover securely and cleaning your tools.

5. What if DIY Gully Drain Clearance Doesn’t Work?gulley drain clearance

If your self-help methods aren’t doing the trick, your gully drain blockage is more stubborn than expected, or if you don’t fancy the job in the first place, it’s time to call in the professionals. MZR Drains is only a phone call away. With our expertise in all things gully drain related, we can swoop in and remove any blockages with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Our professional gully drain clearance service will be able to clear your blockage with expert tools for a fixed price, and without causing any damage to your property. We’ll also be able to advise you on how to prevent future blockages from occurring.

So, there you have it – a straightforward, no-sweat guide to unblocking a gully drain. Pat yourself on the back; you did great!

A word to the wise: regular cleaning and maintenance are the secrets to a trouble-free gully drain. And if that sounds like too much hassle, remember, MZR Drains is more than happy to do the dirty work for you.

Dealing with a blocked gully drain?

MZR Drains is ready to assist. We’re only a phone call away from sorting out your drain problems with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Let us show you how easy drain maintenance can be!

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