Blocked Storm Drain, Autumn Is Here!

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Autumn has arrived, but it has brought with it a gully’s worst nightmare… Leaves. If your gully is not protected by a gutter guard, then leaves will easily find their way into the system. Over time and especially during high winds where leaves fall at a fast pace and cause an unexpected blockage. To prevent a blockage follow our 10 tips for keeping your system leaf free.

  1. Once a month check your downpipes and gutters – remove leaves, sticks, and dirt where practicable. Leaf matter and other debris can prevent water from reaching the downpipe.
  2. Check all downpipes – if there is a blockage flushing out with a hose may help. Alternatively, call your local plumber for advice and assistance.
  3. Consider installing gutter guards (monthly visual checks should be done*).
  4. Consider installing a leaf diverter on your downpipes to ensure leaves and sticks fall to the ground.*
  5. On a weekly basis, do a quick spot check of all stormwater grates for a build-up of debris and if present, remove all debris to prevent it from entering the stormwater drain. Over time leaf matter will decay and slowly build up with dirt, sand, sticks etc. to form a compost-like blockage. This can cause problems with slow drainage, back-ups, and costly repairs due to overflows.It can also be costly to remove from a stormwater drain.
  6. Consider installing filters on stormwater grates to stop leaves, debris, sand, and soil from entering your drains.
  7. Prevent any foreign object from entering your drains (e.g. building materials, children’s toys, tennis balls, stones, weeds, tree roots, etc.).
  8. Once a year, have your drains water jetted to clear any debris. Online Pipe & Cable Locating are experts in water jetting and clearing blocked drains.
  9. If you notice your gutters, downpipes, or stormwater drains are draining slowly, you can save time and money by having them cleaned out sooner rather than later.
  10. Call MZR Drainage Services on 0121 663 1060 to discuss your needs and find the most efficient and cost-effective way to clear your blocked drains and prevent future problems.

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