Blocked Urinals: The Common Causes and How to Tackle Them

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Ever find yourself dealing with blocked urinals right in the middle of a bustling day? It’s a bit of a nightmare when half your facilities are out of order. But let’s be honest, it’s something every business or property manager stumbles into at one point or another. But fret not, today we’re going to tackle – figuratively, of course – blocked urinals.

We’ll uncover common culprits of clogged urinal drains and discuss how urinal maintenance can keep this nuisance at bay. Most importantly, we’ll dive into how the experts at MZR Drains can lend you a helping hand should your urinals start acting up!


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What Could Possibly Block My Urinals?

I know it’s a question you probably never thought you’d ask, but it’s worth knowing. After all, knowledge is power (or in this case, clear drains).

1. Limescale and Uratic Salts Build-up: Hard water often deposits minerals that lead to limescale accumulation. Similarly, the uric acid in, well, urine can also leave behind uratic salts. This is what leads to kidney stones in kidney stones in humans and can also lead to similar blockages and pain for business owners!

Over time, this build-up can play hide and seek in your pipeline, obstructing the smooth flow and causing blocked urinals.

2. Foreign Objects: Now, this one’s like a no-brainer, right? Despite the purpose of a urinal being pretty evident, people still abuse them. You’d be surprised how many blockages result from flushed paper tissues, cigarette butts, and other non-dissolving items. We will spare you the details.

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3. Inconsistent Maintenance: Regular cleaning isn’t just for looks and customer satisfaction points—it helps prevent slow-draining issues and blockages, too. So, keeping a consistent urinal maintenance routine is key.

4. Outdated Urinal Systems: Like us, urinal systems also grow old. Age, wear and tear can lead to inefficiencies and, eventually, blockages.

Discover more about what to do about blocked drains here.

How Can MZR Drains Help Tackle Blocked Urinals?

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Ah, I’m glad you asked. Here at MZR Drains, we specialise in blocked urinal services.

1. The Power of Jetting: We use professional-grade power jetting to blast away limescale, uratic salts, and debris. It’s a bit like giving your pipelines a refreshing cleanse.

2. Regular Servicing: We believe prevention is better than cure. That’s why we provide routine urinal maintenance so you won’t even have to think about blocked urinals.

3. Waterless Urinals: Sounds futuristic, right? We can install waterless urinals that help minimize limescale and unpleasant odours without compromising on hygiene.

4. Urinal System Upgrades: Is your urinal system showing its age? We can recommend upgrades that suit your needs and adhere to current regulations.

Blocked urinals don’t have to ruin your day; there’s no need to stress! With MZR Drains by your side, those blocked urinals won’t know what hit them. So, why live with the worry of sudden blockages? Reach out to us for swift, professional, and friendly service that will have your urinals happily flushing again. Because at MZR Drains, we make easy work of even the trickiest drainage issues!

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