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What Are The Causes of a Blocked Toilet?

Blocked Toilet and the causes ?

A blocked or slow to drain toilet is not idea when you when you have another job to do in the house, visually you can imagine how bad it looks seeing the water not draining correctly and maybe sewage in the toilet not going away, however most time there’s an easy fix to restore full flow to the toilet.

Firstly, you are probably keen to know what the possible causes of a slow running or blocked toilet are. These can be:

Low water levels in the toilet cistern

Flushed foreign objects (toilet fresheners are common)

Blocked U-Bend or soil Pipes

Pipework maybe damaged

Toilet needs an upgrade due to a scale due up

We could list more, but these are the most common issues we have come across in our time unblocking toilets and drains. Believe it or not, one of the most frequent problems we see is excuse paper when someone use a lot of paper!!also the water being flushed in to the toilet from the cistern is also another common cause, check the level in the cistern to make sure your getting water flushing into the pan, if it looks low that will be your issue. The issue behind is this could be several factors but the most common is the filling valve is not adjusted correctly, damaged filling valve. Whatever the issue is, our expert engineers will be able to tell you the cause it in no time.

Flushing foreign objects is also a no-brainer and is a big problem causing slow running and blocked drains. As you can imagine, several baby wipes for example being trapped within the U-Bend/pipes can slow running water and will eventually cause blockage which then gives you a major headache.

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