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All You Need to Know About Drain Repairs

If you’ve ever had a burst or damaged drain, then we’re sure you’ve felt the dread that comes along with it! Drain repairs can seem daunting at first because most people associate drain repairs with excavations. However, in most cases, excavations are not needed! This means you can carry on with your daily activities with minimal disturbance and the peace of mind your drain is being repaired by fully qualified professionals.

Drains can become damaged and broken for a wide range of reasons. For example, drains can collapse due to a range of external factors that are out of our control. This includes:

  • Tree roots growing into the drain – it is not uncommon to see tree roots growing into drain pipes causes them to crack. If left unsolved, the crack will worsen causing the entire drain to collapse.
  • General wear and tear – just like any element of the home, drains will face regular wear and tear over time causing their condition to deteriorate. This is especially the case with older buildings that have age pipes. Continuous damage can then cause the rain to collapse.
  • Weather and the elements – did you know that cold weather can have a serious negative impact on pipes and drains? When the water in the ground freezes and expands during those cold winter months, it causes movement in the ground. When the warmer weather finally rolls around and melts the ice, the ground will settle. This process of freezing and melting will eventually cause drains to sag and collapse.
  • Movement within the ground – things such as flooding and structural settling can cause drains to face some pressure and strain. This movement can cause drains to become misaligned, cracked and damaged.

If you notice any problems in your drains, it is important that you contact us at MZR Plumbing and Drainage as soon as possible. If you leave the issues for too long, you can be faced with more problems further along the line.

The Signs of a Drain Emergency

A drain emergency creates unwanted costs and can be stressful for those living within the home, meaning it is best to spot the signs as early as possible so that the situation does not get any worse. If you are not aware of these signs, then further damage can be caused to drains, pipes and general areas, which will ultimately make the job more difficult and time-consuming for your local blocked drain experts

The biggest visible clue as to whether you’re facing a drain emergency is if there are raised water levels. A toilet blockage is clear to see as the water level will rise noticeably higher than its usual level. This can be particularly dangerous as, if the water gets to the point of overflowing, then there could be a far more serious issue in the drains and this could ultimately cause further damage to your household. 

In some cases, there can be audible indications as to whether you are experiencing a drain emergency. Unusual gurgling sounds coming from drains, plug holes, sinks and toilets are an obvious sign of blockage. This sound is usually caused by trapped air in the system, which is attempting to escape when water is run.

Water draining slower than usual is another indication of a drain emergency. Whilst this may not seem as severe as a total blockage, it is vital in this case that you contact professionals as soon as possible to get to the root of the problem and prevent further damage to your pipes and plumbing system. 

Amongst posing other clear structural risks to your property, signs of damp are one clue to look out when assessing whether you are experiencing a drain emergency. If a drain is blocked then water flow will be disrupted and thus can flow into the areas surrounding the pipe. Wet rot and penetrating damp are two major issues evoked by type of drain blockage. You may be able to notice signs of damp on the walls or floor if the pipe has broken underneath the floorboards of your home. 

One of the most obvious and disconcerting signs of a drain emergency is any foul, unpleasant odours being emitted into your house. This occurs due to one of the biggest causes of blocked drains: stuck food waste in the pipes. Naturally, as the food ages and rots away, a foul lingering smell will be soon noticed by those living within the house. Also, this will often get even worse when using the taps as it will disrupt the food waste.

It is vital, if you notice any of these signs, that you call your Birmingham drains emergency experts as soon as possible to stop the issue deteriorating further. 

The Best Equipment for the Job

MZR Drainage has an experienced drain repair team with an arsenal of different tools and methods to repair your drains. This allows us to tackle even the trickiest drain repair tasks, ensuring Birmingham homeowners can have their drains quickly and seamlessly repaired.

The most preferred method of drain repair is the ‘Silicate Repair Liner’. This involves mixing two chemicals together and spreading them over a fibreglass liner. The liner is then rolled over an inner tube and placed into position. Once the liner is in position, the inner tube is blown up using a compressor to the size of the pipe. 

The liner is then left to cure for an hour. Once cured, the inner tube is removed and the repair area surveyed using CCTV to ensure the liner has been correctly installed.

In some cases a ‘Silicate Repair Liner’ cannot be installed, however, if a repair requires an excavation it isn’tthe end of the world. The repair team have experience in reinstating all types of surfaces including: 

  • Tarmac
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Paved drives

No job is too big or too small for MZR Drainage. Our team of drain repair experts combined with our tools and equipment allows us to repair drains all across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Contact Us Today for Your Drain Repair Needs

MRZ Drainage are renowned within the Birmingham area for exclusively using the latest equipment to help homes and commercial properties solve their plumbing and drainage issues. 

Have an emergency? Not to worry, we operate a 24/7 Emergency Service within the Birmingham area, meaning we aim to be at your property within 1 hour. With fixed prices and satisfied customers, no plumbing or drainage problem is too big for MZR Drainage. 

If you need a drain repair carried out on your property contact MZR Drainage on 0121 663 1060 or visit us on

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