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Suffering From Blocked Drains In Coventry?

Suffering From Blocked Drains In Coventry?

Coventry has been suffering from some truly wet weather recently. There have even been severe weather warnings, with some experts predicting thunder storms. Certainly not great weather for anyone suffering from blocked drains…

Having a reliable plumber on speed dial is always useful, especially one available 24/7. It is particularly useful if you suffer from blocked drains on a regular basis.

According to statistics, the average householder calls a plumber once every three years. However, it’s sometimes higher for those who live in older properties.

Who do I call in Coventry if suffering from blocked drains?

Whether your shower tray isn’t emptying properly or you suspect your sink is blocked, simply call MZR Plumbing. Our team are true experts when it comes to blocked drains.

Based in Birmingham, we also work throughout the surrounding areas, including Coventry. Our 24-hour response service should be with you within one hour.

No matter the weather, we will identify the problem quickly and efficiently. Using a combination of our expertise and a CCTV drainage camera, we’ll diagnose the fault and discuss the most appropriate solution with you. Your drains will be back in working order before you know it.

If you’re in Coventry, simply call us on 0121 663 1060.

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