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Waterless Drain Unblocking

Waterless drain unblocking, water is it and how does it work? For Domestic properties waterless drain unblocking, the usual way of unblocking drains uses rods and high pressure water jetting, in certain situations, the use of the conventional ways are just not possible, MZR Drainage have teamed up with  Ridgid waterless drain machines to bring our customer the latest equipment, if you have a bathroom where all the pipe work is boxed in or behind tiles then a waterless drain unblock would be a great  option for you, the machines are able to easily access the pipe work locally from the bathtub or sink plugs or the toilet trap, the coil can negotiate tight bends and with the automatic feed of the machine the coil works it way down the pipe to clear the blockage.

power clear waterless drain unblocking MZR Drainageblocked drains birmingham waterless drain cleaning

These small machines are very good for unblocking showers where the pipe work is under the floor where there’s no access in to the pipe work, by simply removing the grate and the trap from the shower waste will created enough access in to the pipe work for the waterless drain machine to go down the pipe, shower blockage are commonly caused by hair and soap building up, with the power clear the machine does all the hard work cutting through the soap and wrapping the around the arguer to pull this from the pipe work and clearing the blockage, this also work for the main soil vent pipe from the toilet, sometimes the toilet will have to be remove in order to access the pipework, more often we can clear the blockage with the toilet pan in place.

Commercial waterless drain Unblocking.

Urinals are a common problem in business all over the west midlands, many times the flushing system of the urinal is not effective enough to flush all the urine from the trap and the pipe work of the urinals, causing a build-up of scale, over time this builds up to eventually blocked the urinal trap and pipe work, with the pipcote mini miller MZR Drainage can carry out a full descale of the pipe which is a fast and effective solution

MZR Draiange can have an engineer to you within an hour, for domestic blockages all our prices are pre-fixed and we dont charge a call out so contact us now on 01216631060 or whatsapp 07967835427