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Save Big, Stress Less With Affordable Pipe Relining Costs: Learn How Drain Lining Services Save on Future Drain Repair Costs

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Stretch Your Budget With Drain Pipe Relining

Chances are if you’re here, you’re wondering, “How much does drain pipe relining cost?” And we get it, no one enjoys the surprise cost of household repairs. That’s where drain pipe relining comes in. It’s efficient, cost-effective, and quite frankly, the future of pipe repair! And, it will save you money on drain repairs – as the results will potentially last you decades!

What is Drain Pipe Relining?

Drain pipe relining, also known as “no-dig” repair, is an innovative approach that can restore the life to old, broken, or damaged pipes without the need for extensive and costly excavation. It involves inserting a new, sturdy lining inside the existing pipe, creating a pipe-within-pipe that’s even stronger than the original. Check out our in-depth blog post What is Drain Relining? Or, watch this video about how pipes are relined:

The Benefits of Drain Pipe Relining

The process isn’t just cost-effective; there are a few more reasons why it’s becoming the go-to solution for homeowners and businesses alike:
  • No Excavation Needed: This ‘no-dig’ approach means less mess and disruption to your property.
  • Time-Saving: Pipe relining is faster than traditional methods, majorly reducing downtime (and labour costs).
  • Durable: The new lining is corrosion-resistant and leak-proof, providing a long-lasting solution. Drain pipe relining comes with a full 5-year warranty and will last up to or beyond 15 years.

blocked pipe

How Much Does Drain Pipe Relining Cost

So, just how much does drain pipe relining work cost? Truth be told, costs can vary based on factors like pipe length, the severity of damage and ease of access. But overall, it’s significantly cheaper than a total pipe replacement. Plus, by avoiding large-scale excavation, you’re also saving on restoration costs of your landscape, roadway, or patio. The average cost for drain pipe relining is £100 per square meter for 100mm diameter pipe and £120 per square meter for 150mm pipe. In comparison, the cost of drain pipe replacement is an eye-watering £535 per square meter.

A Cost-Effective Permanent Solution for Damaged Pipes vs Patching for Sectional Repairs

When it comes to damaged pipes, early intervention is key. Letting issues linger can lead to severe problems like structural damage, health hazards, and not to mention, a hefty repair bill. Sectional drain patch repairs typically cost around £450-500 a time. So opting for drain pipe relining offers an affordable, efficient, long-term and less disruptive way to revive your old pipes and maintain a healthy drainage system for decades – with no surprise bills (natural disasters notwithstanding).

Find Out Your Personal Drain Relining Cost

No one enjoys the panic and potential cost that comes with discovering a damaged pipe. However, the cost-effective, efficient, and less invasive method of drain pipe relining provides a much-needed alternative to traditional pipe replacement. So, if you’ve found yourself googling, “How much does drain pipe relining work cost”, you’re in luck! At MZR Drains, we specialise in providing affordable and efficient drain pipe relining solutions. Save money on expensive pipe replacements with our cost-effective drain pipe relining – contact us now to learn more and get your personal quote.

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