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As one of the leading drain unblocking companies in Birmingham and the Midlands, we realise that not everyone visiting this website lives within our service areas which are Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Coventry, Leicester, Tamworth, and other nearby towns in the Midlands.  With this in mind, we have put together this comparison guide for anyone researching two other companies that offer similar services to us, Drain Doctor and DrainGo.

A Comprehensive Comparison Of Drain Cleaning Services

When it comes to maintaining your home in optimal condition, it’s all too easy to overlook the house drainage system. Underground and out-of-sight, it’s not usually until the occurrence of bad smells or a serious blockage, that we pay them much attention.

Clogged drains cause significant inconveniences at any time of day or night, and the potential for damage from contaminated flooding or burst pipes can have a huge effect. The need for professional and speedy assistance in these situations becomes obvious.

Wherever you are in the UK, searching online for “emergency drain service near me” is highly likely to turn up the two large, national drains clearing emergency companies; Drain Go and Drain Doctor.

In this blog, we compare these two companies, which both offer similar drain services and coverage. By examining their services, customer experience, pricing, and overall reputation, we aim to help you decide which company is best able to fix your drainage problem.

Drain Services Offered


Claiming to be the “UK’s #1 Drainage & Emergency Plumbing Company” and with a nationwide network of franchised-managed engineers, Drain Doctor specialise in a wide range of drainage services. They offer many of the services that MZR do, including emergency plumbing, drain unblocking, pipe repair, drainage surveys, and toilet unblocking. This means, that whatever your drainage problem, they can fix it in one visit if possible. Additionally, they also provide CCTV inspections, drainage system installations, and septic tank work, allowing for a comprehensive approach to your drainage requirements.


Celebrating its 60th year in 2023, Dyno-rod has expanded out from drains into other services, such as gas. However, their core strength still lies in drain unblocking and emergency plumbing services. Services include CCTV drain surveys and mapping, repairs, tree-root removal, drain jetting, drain installation, no-dig drain lining, drain excavation, tanker services/septic tank work.

In our opinion, Dyno-rod comes out above Drain Doctor for their scope of drain services offered.



Unlike Dyno-Rod (and MZR Drainage), Drain Doctor doesn’t publish any pricing but promises “Fair & Ethical” prices on their website. We always encourage getting a fixed price, or at least an estimate, before agreeing to the work. Most reviewers that mention the cost of Drain Doctor say that the price was “fair” or “reasonable”.  A few reviewers were shocked at the price they were charged, so our recommendation is to get a fixed price quote upfront for any drain work – including emergency call-outs.


Dyno-rod is a premium-end drains company where customers can expect to pay premium rates. What we like about Dyno-Rod is that they are open about their pricing; £170 for a standard domestic drain unblocking job (8am – 6pm weekdays), with a home drains CCTV survey costing £144 – £288 (July 2023).

The cost of drain work mostly depends on the location (travel distance) and the amount of work involved. Whilst there are so many different drainage service needs and situations, at MZR we like to be open in our pricing as we are confident in the value and quality of our Midland’s drains service. If you’re in the West Midlands, check out our pricing or phone us for a quote based on your situation and location.

Customer Experience

At MZR Drainage, we know how important customer service is to us and our clients. Emergency plumbing and drainage problems naturally cause a lot of stress and worry, so having a professional, caring local drains engineer on your case quickly is paramount. So, how do customers find working with these two companies to be?


Going by reviews on Google, Trust Pilot, reviews.io and Checkatrade*, customers generally appreciate the reliability and efficiency of their services, especially during emergencies and out-of-hours. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality work, combined with their courteous and helpful technicians, has garnered positive reviews from homeowners and businesses alike.

*Checkatrade showed mostly reviews from the North East England branch of Checkatrade, at the time of publication.


One thing that stood out for us as we checked through Dyno-rod’s reviews was the many positive references to the friendliness and attitude of their engineers. Customers praise Dyno-Rod for their exceptional customer service.  The company is known for its friendly staff and the professionalism of both call handlers and on-site workers.  Reviews often highlight the technicians’ knowledge and expertise, as well as their ability to explain what they are doing – which helps set minds at ease. Impressive personality for such a large company!

Something to be aware of with the nationwide drains companies is that they are run at a local level as franchised, separate businesses working under their respective brand’s standards. As they are not directly controlled by the head office, customer experience can sometimes vary from one area to another. We strongly recommend you check reviews of your LOCAL Drain Doctor or Dyno-rod operator for a better picture of what service level you can expect in your area.

It appears from studying the location of reviews that if you are served by the best Drain Doctor outfits, then we say go with them – not in Birmingham of course! Outside of these areas, Dyno-rod might be the safest bet for an overall positive experience.

Engineer/Operator Experience Levels

An experienced drainage engineer can save you time and money, as they have likely come across similar issues before and their knowledge of drain systems enables them to perform the most effective course of action. At MZR Drainage, our engineers have, on average 11 years of experience in drainage and closely liaise with each other to share best practices and solutions.


Drain Doctor gives all new franchise operators a ten-day course at their HQ. In our view, nothing equips MZR’s engineers like weeks and months of on-site, on-the-ground apprenticeship. That said, the investment needed for professional drains work means that most engineers do stay in the drains industry and build up considerable knowledge.


With Dyno-Rod celebrating its 60th birthday this year and, according to their website, one of their franchisees having worked with them for 30 years, it sounds like they don’t lack in the experience field.

Reputation and Trustworthiness


With a trading history going back 30 years, Drain Doctor values their brand reputation, providing coaching and support for their franchisee owner-operators. There is no doubt in our minds that Drain Doctor has earnt its commendable reputation over the years and is a well-recognised brand in the drains services market.


Started 60 years ago by a former airline pilot, Jim Zockoll, who wanted to shake up the drains cleaning market. Zockoll pioneered the use of an electro-mechanical tool and created one of the first British franchise businesses. Dyno-Rod is today owned by Centrica (British Gas). Their reputation and commitment to the highest levels of compliance nationwide have earnt them a number of commercial contracts with multi-location store chains.


Which drainage company is best for you will depend mostly on where you are. Local companies can usually give you far faster and better-priced services, so bear this in mind when choosing.  That said, shop around for pricing and take a moment or two to check local reviews.

Drain Doctor seems to get the best reviews in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, Cumbria and West Yorkshire, whereas Dyno-Rod appears consistently across the regions.

Always take a moment to check the company’s local reviews on 3rd party websites, rather than simply taking their word for it and agree the price upfront. No reputable drainage company will pressure you into using them, so be free to phone another local company if you think the price sounds too high, or have concerns about their proposed solution.

To get the most from your chosen drains company, we advise:

Call them as soon as you spot a problem. The sooner they can get to work, the better for you.

Describe the problem best you can and ask for their price and availability before agreeing on the work.

Follow their instructions – the operator who takes your call will be able to give you tips on dealing with your emergency. You can also find tips on drain care and solutions to common drain blockages online.

If you are in the West Midlands or East Midlands, MZR Drains are your go-to. Here’s why our clients use and recommend us to others:

  1. Localised Service: If you reside in or near Birmingham, our local drain cleaning service can offer several advantages. Our proximity means that we can respond quickly in emergencies and provide prompt assistance whenever you need it.
  2. Established Reputation: We have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality service. Numerous satisfied customers have praised our professionalism, reliability, and excellent customer care, reinforcing our status as a trusted drain cleaning provider.
  3. Transparent Pricing: We ensure transparency by offering upfront pricing with no hidden fees. This allows you to have a clear understanding of the costs involved and make an informed decision that aligns with your budget.
  4. Comprehensive Solutions: In addition to emergency drain unblocking, we offer a comprehensive range of drain cleaning and maintenance services, repairs, relining, and CCTV inspections. Our expertise covers various drain types and sizes, enabling us to address a wide range of drainage issues effectively.

While Dyno-Rod and Drain Doctor are reputable across most of the UK, MZR offers a fixed-price local service in and around Birmingham and the Midlands.

Ultimately, when selecting a drain cleaning service, it’s crucial to consider factors such as expertise, reputation, localised service, and transparent pricing for a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to your drainage problem. By choosing a service provider that excels in these areas, you can ensure that your drainage system receives the utmost care and attention it needs to avoid repeated call-outs.

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