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Gully Drain Cleaning, Repairs and Maintenance Services

Looking for gully maintenance services or have a blocked gully drain? MZR Drainage Services can help.

Gully Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Gullies are a very important part of your drainage system but they are often overlooked. Leaves, soil, and other debris can cause a blocked gully drain, but it’s important that if your gully drain is blocked, you address the issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage or problems.

Blocked drains and gullies can cause substantial damage to your home and result in potential flooding if you don’t get the issue dealt with quickly and efficiently. That’s where our Birmingham drain services can help.

The Importance Of Gully Repairs

Gullies in the drainage system make it easier to manage wastewater and groundwater as it enters the sewage system. Gullies also act as traps to filter out solid materials which can easily block the subsurface parts of the drainage system. With this in mind, gullies are a very important drain feature. With our blocked gully drain services, we can make sure no overflows or backflows from the sewer line get back into your home.

What Does It Cost?

Drain Unblocking

Domestic Drain Unblocking

Whatever is necessary to restore flow to your home drainage system
£ 80 +VAT Fixed Pricing
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Based on task completion rather than time, so you will not be charged for any overtime
  • Professional mechanical/rods and jetting drainage equipment

Commercial Drain Unblocking

Attend and unblock drains using various professional methods
£ 90 +VAT Per Hour
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Rods, electro-mechanical and/or high-pressure drain jetting as appropriate to restore flow
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson

CCTV Drain Surveys

Domestic CCTV Drain Survey

£ 175 + VAT Per Visit
  • Home Drain Inspection Report
  • up to 30m of drain no larger than 150mm in diameter.
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Commercial CCTV Drain Survey

£ 195 +VAT Per Visit
  • Determine the structural integrity of up to 30m of ‘all accessible drainage’
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Specialist Gully Unblocking

Equipped with all of the technology and specialist drain unblocking equipment we need, here at MZR Drainage Services, we can clear the blockage from your gully fast and effectively. Our drain-unblocking services can be provided in and around Birmingham, and we can tend to a wide range of sites when it comes to your blocked drains.

From car parks and schools to homes and private drives, we’ll always be able to help. With decades of experience under our belts providing expert drain unblocking services, you can count on us when you need us for your blocked drains in Birmingham.

Emergency Gully Repairs

As a leading provider of drainage services, we understand that a blocked gully drain could occur at any time – and not necessarily within normal working hours. However, we are proud to be able to offer a 24/7 drains service which is on hand for emergency gully and trap repairs at your home or business site. Our emergency drain specialists are available around the clock, ready to resolve any blocked gully drains before the situation escalates into backflow and flooding issues.

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