Sewer Inspections & Surveys

Mainline Drain Sewer Inspections & Surveys

A CCTV sewer survey via a CCTV sewer inspection, assists our team of engineers to identify common (and the uncommon) problems in sewer lines which can then enable us to carry out sewer pipe repairs.

MZR Drainage have state-of-the-art technology to deliver our full range of CCTV services and reports.

Surveys & Locations

Conditional & Connectivity Surveys

CCTV Conditional surveys assess the internal condition of the drains and sewage systems unearthing any pipe collapses, root damage or blockages. Inspecting the structural condition means that any problems can be dealt with straight away and prevent future problems.

Build-Over CCTV Surveys

Build-over surveys are carried out by water authorities, builders, architects, developers and local authorities when building over or close to a shared sewer system. It provides confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good condition, before and after an extension or development is built.

Home Buyer/Seller Surveys

Pre-purchase house surveys are now increasingly wanted by most mortgage lenders, alongside giving peace of mind to the prospective property buyer. This can be particularly relevant if the property is older, the refurbishment has been undertaken, or there have been construction activities in the surrounding area.


MZR Plumbing offer CCTV Inspection Surveys throughout Birmingham and the surrounding locations Our CCTV drain surveys include DVD footage, downloadable files and an easy-to-understand grading system.

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Why choose us?

We operate in and around the Midlands area. Our state-of-the-art crawler camera systems each have HD colour cameras, enabling our engineers to easily identify objects causing blockages and can survey pipe sizes between 100mm, and 525mm (and larger) in diameter and operate to distances of 250m in a single setup.

Our operators are trained and accredited to OS19X for piped drains and sewers and OS21X for bricked sewers. These accreditations are a pre-requisite for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for long-term records purposes for all the U.K. water companies.

All our drain inspection reports are written to WRC standards in Wincan VX which is the leading software in the drainage industry.

Typically used to find and record faults within drainage systems, which can help prevent any failures in the drainage system. CCTV is used within the construction industry, at the point of site handover.

What Does It Cost?

Drain Unblocking

Domestic Drain Unblocking

Whatever is necessary to restore flow to your home drainage system
£ 80 +VAT Fixed Pricing
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Based on task completion rather than time, so you will not be charged for any overtime
  • Professional mechanical/rods and jetting drainage equipment

Commercial Drain Unblocking

Attend and unblock drains using various professional methods
£ 90 +VAT Per Hour
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Rods, electro-mechanical and/or high-pressure drain jetting as appropriate to restore flow
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson

CCTV Drain Surveys

Domestic CCTV Drain Survey

£ 175 + VAT Per Visit
  • Home Drain Inspection Report
  • up to 30m of drain no larger than 150mm in diameter.
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Commercial CCTV Drain Survey

£ 195 +VAT Per Visit
  • Determine the structural integrity of up to 30m of ‘all accessible drainage’
  • Based on having unhindered access to all chambers and areas with permisson
  • 8am & 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

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- MZR Drains - Commercial & Domestic Drainage Services
- MZR Drains - Commercial & Domestic Drainage Services

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