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What is a Drainage Survey and Why is it Important?

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Drainage surveys and inspections are normally taken out via one of many CCTV methods. This has become the only way to really find out what is wrong or what is causing the issue or blockage. This article will help you understand why this is a practice and why you should invest in a drainage survey every once in a while.

What Is A Drainage Survey?

A drainage survey is a process of examining the condition of a drainage system and finding out what has caused an issue which allows us to decide upon the best solution to resolve it. The technology used for inspecting and surveying drains, sewers and other types of piping has become essential simply because of how cost-effective, safe and quickly you can get results.

The equipment and techniques used in a survey can also be implemented in above-ground pipes like downpipes, soil stacks, storage tanks, ducting systems, vertical chutes and more.

What Are They Used For?

The main uses for a drainage survey are the following:

  • To investigate sewer and drain problems like poor flow rates, pollution incidents and blockage which can become a real issue when left untreated.
  • They support construction projects. These are essential in identifying the connectivity of the drain system and they allow design contractors to create a plan that meet regulatory controls.
  • They are a vital part of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) which allows asset owners to manage their costs and avoid highly-damaging pipe and drain failures.
  • To support planned work on pipe repairs, rehabilitation and replacement.

Why Is It Important To Survey Drains?

Potential problems are brought to the surface when a survey is taken out. These problems can range from root breaches, blockages or structural issues like fractures or collapse. Here at MZR Plumbing and Drainage, our CCTV drainage surveys are suitable for any type of building or property. These can include commercial, residential, industrial or infrastructure such as roads, utilities and rails and so on.

What Should You Expect From Your Drainage Company?

As an established specialist in drainage surveys, we have the right expertise and equipment to carry out the survey required. We also provide the following:

Accreditations showing proof to you that we can carry out the work safely, on time and to a high standard.

Access to specialist drainage services that are needed to ensure the CCTV survey can be completed.

The latest software, which is always used so reports can be provided in time, with the correct data included and presented in a way that is best for you.

Reporting And Advice

From all the data that we collect from the initial drainage survey, we then put together a comprehensive report which will include any actions required to remedy the issues.

All of our CCTV drain inspections are written to a WRC Standard using the latest WincanVX industry software and CCTV technology. We provide all of our customers a full PDF technical, report site plan, specifications, recommendations and quotations for associated repairs from qualified engineers.

Things to look out for

There are many indications that suggest there is something wrong with your drains, and prompt you to have a drain survey. Here are just a few:

Water backing up

When using your plumbing, a significant indication of a sewage backup or a plumbing mishap waiting to happen is if water backs up elsewhere; for example, if you flush the toilet and hear sounds that you’re not used to hearing then this maybe means that water is blocked and is trying to find another way out. Another key way to spot this is when using a toilet you notice bubbling when running a tap close to it.

More drains are blocked

It’s normal to experience one drain being clogged, but if the water backs up in other places this is a major sign of some sort of build-up and should really be sorted as soon as possible. It can also be a major warning sign if the drains experiencing problems are ones that are barely used.

Toilets aren’t flushing

One of the most common ways of identifying a drainage issue is toilet problems. Things like your toilet not flushing like it used to, or when plunging it doesn’t help, can be very important signs. When plunging a toilet bubbling does normally occur, but if the problem persists and you’re having to do this on a regular basis then a drainage survey to identify the issue may be the best way to resolve it.


When the water in a drain attempts to get past a clog, air can get stuck, which can trigger bubbling. To see if this is a one-off or a genuine clog, fill your sink, tub and shower with a few inches of water and watch it drain to see if there are bubbles.

In Summary

Think of your drains or sewers for your house as a tree. You have the main line which is the trunk, and the secondary pipes being the roots that run from it. When you have clogs or issues with your secondary lines, they are normally limited to that area but when you have a clog in the main line, it can cause problems all over the house. So no situation should be ignored.

We also operate a 24/7 Emergency service within the Birmingham area. We are normally able to get our experienced team out to you within the hour and give you honest and transparent quotes, no surprise fees further down the line. So if you need any help, are in need of a drainage survey, or need more information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us on our office number 0121 663 1060 or 07967835427. You can also get in touch with us for more information via our email info@mzrplumbing.com.

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