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Drainage Tanker Services

We have all the expertise you need along with local coverage and a full range of septic tank and cesspit services.

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Septic tanks and cesspits are the most popular way of managing wastewater for properties that can’t connect to the public sewer system – but owners of septic tanks should understand what it means to be responsible for keeping them in good working order.

MZR Drainage, we have all the expertise you need for that, along with local coverage and a full range of septic tank and cesspit services.
We’re on call 24/7.

We can help with pre-planned maintenance programmes and with installation work, as well as responding to any emergency calls quickly

Our team of highly trained professionals can install a new septic tank on your property, or empty and clean an existing tank with the aid of our top-of-the-line tanker fleet. Whatever your needs, we have solutions to carry out any work with minimum disruption to you.

If you have a septic tank or cesspit issue that you’d like us to manage, don’t hesitate to call us straight away on 0121 663 1060 for a free quotation. You can also fill out our online form to request a call back at your convenience.

To learn more about what we can do, browse our full range of domestic septic tank and cesspit services below:

Does my septic tank need emptying?

Septic tanks need to be emptied out regularly to prevent the significant health and environmental risks that can ensue when the tank overflows or malfunctions.

The following tell-tale signs may demonstrate that your septic tank needs to be emptied:

  • Pooling water around the drain field of your septic tank, suggesting that the piping system is blocked and liquid is being forced to the surface
  • Issues with slow-draining sinks and toilets that cannot be resolved by unblocking the drain in question
  • Foul or unusual odours in the septic tank area
  • Overflowing sludge or scum on the water, for systems where sewage flows into water

The question of how often a septic tank should be emptied is difficult to answer definitively, as this will depend on how many people are living in the household, and how often the tank is used.

However, as a rule, emptying the tank once a year can be a good guideline.

How can I prevent problems with my septic tank?

As with any drainage maintenance problem, prevention is better than a cure, which is why it is important to take basic steps to reduce the likelihood of septic tank blockages and other issues.

The most important advice is to ensure that the tank is not damaged by washing harmful objects or substances down the drain. When flushing the toilet, its contents should be restricted to the so-called Three Ps – pee, poo and paper – which means no period care products, food waste, fats, oils, grease or anything else should ever go into the pipes.

Even aggressive cleaning products can have a negative impact, meaning care should be taken when using these. The same is true when undertaking DIY septic tank cleaning – this should only ever be done with careful reference to the manufacturer’s guidance.

How can MZR Drainage Help you?

If your septic tank is full and in need of cleaning and emptying, leave it to the expert team. we offer an unrivalled tankering service that allows us to remove and dispose of vast quantities of sludge and slurry from overflowing septic tanks with a minimum of fuss.

Aided by our state-of-the-art vacuumation equipment, our septic tank and cesspit emptying services can deliver optimum results with minimal disruption to you.

We also offer a septic tank cleaning service, in which our qualified professionals use jet vacuumation to clear all of the lines into the tank, check the soakaway and – if necessary- clear any debris around it, even if a man-entry clean is needed to do so.

Highway Gully Cleaning and Surveying

Highway gully cleaning and surveying are crucial aspects of proper road maintenance, playing a key role in protecting the UK’s road networks from flooding. MZR Drains helps companies and local authorities working on the roads to make sure that highway gullies are kept clear of blockages and debris.

MZR Drainage is well-placed to help deal with highway flooding incidents, using specialised technology to clear out blocked roadside gullies and prevent further disruption.

We also work with councils to provide ongoing surveying and maintenance services, ensuring that any potential problems can be dealt with before they arise.

The importance of highway gully maintenance

Highway gullies are roadside drainage points, typically covered by a metal grate, which are connected to surface water sewers and are designed to take away excess water from the highway, ultimately discharging into drains, ditches, watercourses or sewers. They play an essential safety role in making sure the roads are not overwhelmed by surface water after heavy rainfall.

When water is allowed to accumulate as a result of a blocked highway gully, it can result in unpleasant odours, ponding and the risk of aquaplaning, which makes conditions on the road more hazardous for drivers and passengers alike.

Excess surface water leads to increased stopping distances for vehicles and can make it difficult for pedestrians to cross; in the most serious cases, a flooded road can become completely impassable.

As such, highway authorities and those with responsibilities for working on the roads have a responsibility to keep roadside gullies properly maintained, meaning they should be regularly emptied of silt and debris, checked and cleaned, in order to minimise the risks of water causing a hazard to public safety.

How our highway gully cleaning and surveying services work

We can support those responsible for roadway maintenance with a complete range of highway gully cleaning services, including both planned maintenance work and reactive callouts when emergencies arise.
Using advanced technology that combines powerful vacuumation with high-pressure water jetting, we are able to address the causes of blocked gullies and minimise the impact of road flooding, clearing away groundwater as well as any debris, silt and mud left behind by flood water.

We also work closely with local authorities to carry out rolling maintenance programmes, ranging from small-scale projects covering specific areas over a defined period, to year-round contracts encompassing entire regions.

Our CCTV surveying and GPS mapping technology plays a major role in this work. These innovations provide us with an unparalleled insight into drain layouts, both above and below ground, using remote-operated cameras to view the inside of pipes and gullies and identify any defects, whether we are working to repair an existing issue or carrying out a routine survey.

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