How Much Does Drain Unblocking Cost in 2023?

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“Not again!” You groan, as the water in your sink stubbornly refuses to go down the drain. You’re in Birmingham and you need help fast – and that’s where MZR Drains comes in. We’re the trusted solution to your drain-unblocking needs. But let’s address the question on your mind: “how much does drain unblocking cost in 2023?” Don’t worry, this post provides answers!

Understanding Drain Unblocking Costs

Drain unblocking costs vary, determined by factors such as the severity of the blockage, location, and time required to sort the issue. That’s why it’s crucial to have a professional assessment, to accurately determine the cost. Different blockages have different costs. A minor blockage may cost as little as £70, while a more complex issue, requiring specialised equipment or a CCTV drain survey, could run up to £250+.

affordable drain unblocking

Affordable Pricing Options

Here at MZR Drains, we believe in making high-quality drain unblocking services accessible for everyone, which is why we have competitive rates. Our transparent pricing structure includes a flat fee for drain unblocking – no hidden charges, we promise! Any fees for specialised equipment or emergency services are made clear, so you’re never surprised.

Plus, our satisfied customers speak to our trustworthiness. Here’s what Jane, a relieved homeowner in Birmingham, had to say: “MZR got the job done quickly, effectively, and for a price I could afford.”

Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

Maintaining your drains regularly keeps more money in your pocket in the long run. Tips for maintaining healthy drains include regular cleaning, avoiding pouring grease or foreign objects down the drain, and scheduling professional inspections. A well-cared-for drain is a happy drain! Get more advice in our previous blog.

Contact MZR Drains for Affordable Solutions

“How much does drain unblocking cost in 2023?” The answer varies, but choosing MZR Drains offers reliability and affordability in one neat package. With us, affordability does not compromise quality – it’s our guarantee.

Our transparent pricing structure is as follows:

Drain unblocking prices

Home and domestic fixed price drain unblocking service – £75+VAT from 8am to 16.30pm Monday to Friday.

Commercial property drain unblocking – £90 +VAT per hour between 8am and 16.30pm Monday to Friday. 90% of drains are unblocked within the first hour.

professional drain unblocking prices

CCTV Drain Survey Prices

Home and domestic properties – £155 +VAT for a home drain inspection report for up to 30m of drain no larger than 150mm in diameter.

Commercial properties – £195 + VAT for a commercial drains survey for up to 30m of drain no larger than 150mm in diameter.

Ready to solve your blocked drain problem?

In sum, drain unblocking cost depends on several factors, but with MZR Drains, you get affordable and transparent pricing. Regular drain maintenance can help prevent costly repairs down the line, while prompt professional intervention can solve even the direst of drain blockages.

So, the next time you’re pondering, “How much does drain unblocking cost?”, remember, MZR Drains is just a call away for all your drain unblocking needs. Give us a call now to discuss our affordable pricing options and set up a stress-free drain clearance service.

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