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The Top Causes of Drain Pipe Damage and How to Avoid Them

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Let’s have a chat about something that’s probably not top of your daily chit-chat list, but really should be: your drains. More specifically, we’ll delve into drain problems and how a bit of drain maintenance can keep your Birmingham home or business running smoothly. Who likes unexpected and unnecessary messes anyway? Well, we don’t mind them, because it’s all in a day’s work. But the last thing you want to deal with is an overflowing drain on your property.

And here’s why:

water ingress drain pipe damage

According to Airtasker, the average cost of repairing water damage inside the home can run to up to £5,000. The damage and the costs are even higher when you’re dealing with dirty water backing up from waste pipes or sewers. Your drain pipes could be at risk due to various reasons. Let’s take a look at the top culprits causing havoc in our pipes, shall we?

Fat and Grease Build-ups

You know that bacon fat and leftover oil from last night’s take away? When we pour them down the sink, they solidify in pipes causing blockages. It’s the same as eating too many chips and ending up with clogged arteries!

Tip: Pour oils and fats into a container rather than the sink and then toss it in the bin.

- MZR Drains - Commercial & Domestic Drainage Services

Tree Roots

Trees, as beautiful as they are, have a knack for finding their way into drain pipes, causing cracks, leaks, or worse, a full collapse. They’re attracted to the moisture and nutrients in the pipe. Quite the survival tactic, eh!

Tip: Make sure to consider the position of drain pipes when planting trees in your garden.

Foreign Objects

From kids’ toys to those “flushable” wipes, many items can end up causing a nasty blockage.

Tip: The only things that should end up in your toilet are the 3 P’s: pee, poo, and paper.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, regular drain maintenance should be your next step to keep those drains healthy. It’s just like going for a regular check-up with your GP – prevention is better than a cure.

blocked drains

Your local drain specialists

At MZR Drains, we specialise in dealing with all sorts of drain issues in Birmingham and surrounding regions. We’re dedicated to ensuring your drains remain blockage-free year-round, and we’re always ready to have a friendly chat and provide solutions if things go a bit pear-shaped.

Let’s team up to prevent drain problems before they start! Contact us today to discuss drain maintenance for your Birmingham home. You can prevent those ghastly drain issues with a little effort and our expertise. Keep your pipes flowing and your day worry-free, because, let’s face it, we’ve all got better things to fret over.

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