What To Do If Your Drains Are Blocked

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You need to know what to do about blocked drains and act fast. Not hanging around prevents a problem from becoming a drainage disaster. Depending on the severity of your drainage issues, you might want to try DIY methods first. In some cases, it’s best to call in professional drain experts straight away. Here we outline what you should do if your drains are blocked, and how you decide the course of action to take.

If there is a complete blockage, a major leak or backing up of drain contents, call in the experts right away. Damage to property can be extensive, and the cleanup operation could cost more than the remedial action for the drains.

If your problem is less critical, like slow-draining water, you can try some remedies to see if you can clear the problem yourself first. But proceed with caution: Sometimes DIY drain unblocking remedies can make matters worse.

What To Do When Your Drains Are Blocked And You Want To Have A Go Yourself

Try Vinegar And Bicarbonate Of Soda

Combining these two chemicals creates a mild reaction that can dissolve minor blockages and get things moving again. It’s also unlikely to hurt you and doesn’t produce any toxic fumes. If it isn’t successful, this concoction won’t present a hazard to you or anyone else who might do drain unblocking work in the future.

Pour Boiling Water

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Very hot water can dissolve minor fat blockages. It can work very well in conjunction with regular washing-up liquid. But, clearly, there’s the potential for injury, though no risk of a chemical reaction or build-up of toxic fumes.

Try A Bent Wire Hanger

You can try to break up any blockages with an unravelled wire hanger. Remember though that the purpose of using a wire hanger is to hook out the gunk, not push it further in. 

Drain Snake

Instead of using makeshift tools like the wire hanger above, you can buy a snake from most DIY shops or online to give this a go yourself. Be careful and ensure you wear gloves and goggles – you don’t want drain contents in your eyes.

Drain Unblocking Chemicals

You can try this, but we don’t recommend it. These chemicals are powerful and extremely dangerous to your skin and eyes. Especially if you’ve already used things like bleach in the toilet, which can contribute to a volatile chemical reaction.

Call Out The Professionals

If you’ve exhausted these DIY methods, or you want a quick resolution, pick up the phone to call our drain unblocking experts. We will get the job done quickly and safely, without the risk of dangerous chemicals, and without damaging your pipework.

Our skilled drainage engineers are on hand 24/7 to get your drains flowing freely again. We also provide advice on drain maintenance and avoid future problems. Call us on 0121 663 1060 and we will arrange for one of our friendly team to come and assess and treat your drainage problem today.

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