Why Should You Use Birmingham’s Professional Drain Unblocking Service?

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Most people think it’s easy to unblock their own drains. If it was, there’d be no need for a professional drain-unblocking service and we’d be out of a job! Thankfully (for us) drain unblocking isn’t a simple job when you don’t have access to the drain jetting equipment we do. Read on to find out more about which drainage jobs you can tackle yourself, and which ones you need a drainage business to help with. professional drain unblocking service in action in BirminghamThere are definitely DIY methods you can try when your drains are blocked. Simple methods like plungers and plumbers’ rods can do the trick (perhaps with a little bit of the “ick” factor). Also, plenty of people do have success with drain-clearing chemicals. Despite this, we don’t recommend them, and we’ll explain why in a bit. The truth is that even if you have experience in clearing your own drains, it’s often best to hire professionals to unblock your pipes and drains. And we happen to think we’re Birmingham’s most professional drain-unblocking service!

Hiring Birmingham’s answer to the drain-clearing dream team will save you:

  • Time (so you can get your drains and your life moving again)
  • Money (because the chemicals and tools to unblock your drains yourself aren’t cheap)
  • Harm (most importantly – the reason we don’t recommend drain-unblocking chemicals is that they can cause nasty injuries from coming into contact with eyes or skin or from ingestion.)

What should you do when you notice a blocked drain?

It can be tough to tell that you have a drainage issue until it’s serious. Slow-draining sinks or toilets are a dead giveaway. Try to clear a blockage before it gets worse than slowly draining water. If clearing the plughole of easily-reached hair doesn’t work, or if things stop draining at all, it’s time for the next step.

when DIY drainage options don't work you need professional drain assistance


When do you need a professional drain unblocking service?

When simple methods fail to clear a blockage, it’s time for the DIY to STOP! It’s tempting to use those “drain-busting” chemicals that are so full of promise. But what they fail to tell you in their marketing is that if they don’t work, they actually make things worse: You’re left with a blockage with a ton of deadly chemicals resting on top of it that cannot drain away. So instead of dealing with spilling or splashing mucky water, you’re dealing with chemicals that can burn, blind or poison you. Not ideal. Instead of reaching for the Mr Muscle, reach for the phone and contact your local Birmingham drain unblockers to get your system flowing again.

How do you know which of Birmingham’s drain unblocking services to use?

If you’re in the city of Birmingham, or anywhere in the Midlands, the professionals at MZR Drainage are always happy to help. Our expert technicians have helped countless customers with their drain blockages; we’re confident we can help you, too. We offer 24/7 emergency services and same-day appointments if necessary. We’ll quickly get your system flowing again, and save you all the hassle of getting your hands dirty for as little as £70. Call us on 0121 663 1060.  

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