Why The Cost of a CCTV Drainage Survey Shouldn’t Deter You

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What’s the cost of a CCTV drainage survey and is it actually expensive? It depends on how much value you put on peace of mind, we suppose. Cost of a CCTV drainage surveyA lot of people enquire about the cost of a CCTV drainage survey because they don’t want to fork out for a drain survey if they’re not likely to have any problems with their drains.

Depending on the type of survey you opt for, a CCTV drainage survey is likely to cost you between £65 – £165. Our answer to people who see this CCTV survey cost as a reason to be put off is simple: The cost of a CCTV drain survey will be irrelevant if there really are problems lurking in your drains that need repairing, and that could cause you all sorts of problems if you don’t know about them.

We believe a CCTV drain survey is something you should consider doing even if you don’t have suspicions of any existing drainage issues. How can we be so confident about this? Time and time again we’ve discovered issues that are easily resolvable, but that over time would accumulate to cause massive drainage issues for the property we’ve surveyed.



Here are 3 great reasons you shouldn’t let the cost of a CCTV drain survey put you off getting one.

1. Check for and prevent water damage

Our homes are usually the single biggest purchase in our lives. So ensuring every part of them is in tip-top condition should be on top of all our agendas. Water damage, particularly when it goes unchecked for any length of time, can be disastrous for your home. Rising dampness can be one of the first signs of leaking pipes under your property, and be a real nightmare to eradicate. The cost of treating rising dampness can escalate to more than £5,000 if the problem is extensive enough.

CCTV drain survey to prevent structural damage

2. Prevent structural issues with your home

If water has been penetrating your property’s foundations undiscovered for an extensive amount of time, the consequences can be even more serious. Issues like subsidence can occur when a leaking drain erodes the soil and saturates the foundations, causing them to degrade and shift. Signs of subsidence include uneven floors, doors that begin to stick shut and large cracks in walls and ceilings. Underpinning costs can stretch to £15k or more… The cost of a CCTV drainage survey pales in significance.

3. Peace of mind when buying a new house

These days, buying a house is less of a right of passage and more of an ordeal. With all the effort and expense involved, it’s critical that you don’t have any nasty surprises waiting to bite you in the wallet after you sign on the dotted line.

Sometimes it’s a condition of your mortgage offer to have all surveys completed before the exchange of contracts, and this may include a CCTV survey. If it doesn’t, get one anyway. The cost of a CCTV drainage survey is minimal in the grand scheme of all the fees homebuyers must pay. It means if there’s anything wrong, the seller will have to foot the bill to sort it out before you buy it.

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Whether you want to confirm you have a drainage problem or make sure you DON’T have a drainage problem, the cost of a CCTV drainage survey is a small price to pay for preventing costlier problems down the line. Contact us to make your booking.

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