Early Signs of a Blocked Drain You Shouldn’t Ignore

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signs of blocked drain birmingham

A blocked drain is the number one problem we are called out to fix here in Birmingham and the surrounding area. The thing is, by the time we are called out to unblock drains, the job is much more complex than it needs to be.

A blocked drain is more than just an inconvenience. More importantly, it can cause a huge mess and destruction of property. In fact, sometimes the cleanup operation can cost you more and take longer than fixing the blocked drain itself.

Birmingham blocked drain experts pass on their top tips

Early intervention can save hassle, money and damage in the long term.  That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you identify the key early warning signs of a blocked drain to avoid drainage disasters.

Unpleasant Odours

What’s that smell? No, blaming the dog, opening the window or squirting air freshener isn’t going to cut it. A foul smell can be one of the first indicators of a drainage problem. That’s why it’s vital that you look for the source of any unusual nasty odours.

If the smell is in your kitchen or bathroom, try cleaning your internal drains with bleach. If that doesn’t work, or if the nasty whiffs are coming from external drains, you need plan B. In other words, call in a professional local drain cleaning service for drain repairs immediately.

Water Levels In Your Toilet

What if the water level in your toilet rises higher than normal when you flush it? Usually, this means there’s a drainage problem most likely caused by a partial blockage in your waste pipe. Even if it does drain pretty quickly, the toilet could still potentially overflow when you flush it. In addition, ignoring it and adding any more solid matter in the form of toilet paper or…. other organic waste could create a really nasty problem.

First, try flushing away a minor blockage with a water blast by tipping a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. Next, if that doesn’t work, try a plunger. Then, if that doesn’t work, your next DIY option is a toilet auger. It’s like a heavy-duty drain snake. Finally, if that doesn’t work, chances are your drain blockage is more systemic. In that case, you need a professional drainage engineer.

Slow Draining Water

signs of blocked drain birminghamIf slow-draining water is happening just in one area, you may have a more localised drainage problem. So, if it’s an issue throughout the house or in all appliances in one room it may be more systemic. If flushing the toilet causes water to back up out of a sink or shower or turning the taps on makes the toilet water level rise, you’ve got a blocked drain.

Strange Noises

If your plumbing fixtures and pipes are making some strange, gurgling noises, the chances are there’s something out of the ordinary happening. Gurgling noises are caused when air is trapped inside the pipes by the blockage. The air then works its way around the system with the water and other contents of the pipes. Think of it like the trapped wind in a digestive system.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you’re noticing one, a combination or all of the above signs, act now. Taking prompt action could save you expenses and damage to your home. First, identify whether the drain repair is your responsibility. If the drainage problem is internal, it’s certainly your responsibility. External drains within the boundaries of your property are usually yours to maintain. Shared drainage systems might be the local water authority.  

Contact A Local Drain Cleaning Company

If your drains are blocked, when you introduce more waste and water to your system it will quickly go from bad to worse.  Act fast and prevent damage. Compared to repairing damage and replacing property, the cost of a blocked drain is usually minimal.

Get on top of your drainage problem by contacting Birmingham and Midlands blocked drain specialists now on 0121 663 1060.

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