The Most Common Commercial Drainage Issues

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Most homeowners have experienced domestic blocked drains. These can include shower drains clogged with hair to garden plants infiltrating pipes. The solution for blocked household drains is usually simple and relatively quick.  But, for public and business premises, commercial drainage problems can be a much bigger problem. And they can quickly turn into a very serious and expensive issue for businesses. We explore the most common reasons we are called out to provide drain-unblocking services at commercial properties.

Blocked Toilets In Commercial Premises

Toilets regularly get blocked when there’s just one household using them. So imagine the scale of potential problems when toilets are used by multiple people day in and day out. That coupled with the fact that people seem to leave their concern for drainage systems at home, a backed-up toilet is a very common occurrence. Flushing too much paper, flushing wet wipes, sanitary products and nappies all result in big blockages. In large commercial properties like hospitals or shopping centres, even if blockages don’t cause localised issues they can impact the greater drainage system. Many blockages can essentially close down commercial buildings, impacting the running of the business. Bring in commercial drainage specialists to resolve problems fast.

Food, Fat, And Grease

If food debris, fat and grease can block the pipes of a domestic kitchen imagine the potential damage a commercial kitchen can cause. The sheer volume of food waste can result in a large pile of washing up and an enormous amount of fat, grease and solid food waste entering the drainage system. This means it’s so important to call in the professionals at the first sign of a blockage – like slow-draining water.

Commercial Drainage Solutions For Hard Water Damage

If you live in a hard water area, mineral buildup can harden appliances or pipes. This often results in pressure and stress on pipework that can cause leaks, bursts and collapsing pipes. Commercial drainage solutions for mineral buildup can be simple and effective – don’t let the problem escalate.

Concrete Can Cause Commercial Drain Blockages

On building sites, the potential for concrete to enter your drainage pipes is high. This is problematic because concrete can stick to the surfaces of pipes and settle in bends, potentially resulting in the backflow of wastewater. Although most common building sites, of course, all residential or commercial properties where building work has taken place are at risk.

Commercial Drainage Specialists In Birmingham And The Midlands

Commercial properties are vulnerable to all the drainage issues of residential properties, just at a much larger scale.  As a result, it’s even more important to get on top of drainage issues fast in business premises. If there are signs of a drainage problem in your business premises, contact Birmingham’s commercial drainage experts immediately at 0121 663 1060. MZR drainage services are available 24/7 to keep your drains flowing freely, and your business running smoothly.

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