Blocked Drains In West Bromwich

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Blocked Drains In West Bromwich

Have you got a blocked drain in West Bromwich?

Blocked drains can be a huge problem, as they can prevent smelly water from draining away. This is something nobody needs when the weather is hot or inclement. With August this year predicted to be extremely wet, nobody wants a drainage problem this summer.

Unless you’re a plumber, it can be difficult to work out what’s causing the blockage. If your drain is outside, the problem is more likely than not dead leaves. However, an indoor blockage can be anything from food to other items blocking the pipes.

Whether you’re suffering from blocked sinks, burst pipes or problems with drainage, MZR Plumbing can execute repairs anywhere in West Bromwich. All our plumbers are fully trained and prepared for any job, and will work quickly and efficiently.

We are both proud members of and a Which? Trusted Trader. Based in Birmingham, we regularly work throughout the surrounding locations, including West Bromwich and the Midlands. Whether you have problems with an outside drain, a septic tank or pumping station, we can help.

You can even check out a gallery of our blocked drains on our website.

Or give us a call on 0121 6631060.

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