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Drain Unblocking: The DIY Dangers

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The Dangers of DIY Drain Unblocking

Drain unblocking is a common DIY job in UK homes. Blocked drains can be caused by lots of issues. A buildup of grease and fat from the dishwasher or washing up. Perhaps hair from the shower, foreign objects, organic matter or tree roots. Whatever the issue, DIY methods are often the first step for many households.

The dangers of using chemical solutions to unblock your drains are many and varied.

Chemical drain unblockers work by using strong corrosive chemicals and volatile chemical reactions to eat through organic matter that might be blocking your drain. If you’re tempted to use a drain unblocker, take note of the following dangers and precautions:

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Risk of Bacterial Infection From Blocked Drains

Drains contain a lot of hazardous bacteria. That’s fine when the bacteria are staying within the drain. When you have a situation where drain contents are backing up these bacteria become a risk to you. Use protective clothing like a mask, goggles, and gloves when dealing with a blocked drain.

As well as bacteria, poisonous gases can also be present and can react with chemicals used to clean or unblock the drain or toilet.

Drain Unblockers Use Hazardous Chemicals

Pouring in some drain unblocker seems like a simple drain maintenance solution. The trouble with that is if it doesn’t work then you have a hazardous substance sitting on top of a blockage. This makes any further efforts to unblock the drain more dangerous.

If a drain blocker doesn’t work, people are often tempted to try another product. This can end up producing extreme chemical reactions resulting in toxic fumes, damage to cement or pipework, or even explosions.

Chemical Burns or Irritation

Drain chemicals don’t know the difference between organic matter blocking a drain and organic matter that happens to be you. They will burn through anything. Skin and eyes are vulnerable to severe injury from drain-unblocking chemicals. This is particularly the case when chemicals don’t work and are overflowing, or if a plunger is used which can flick them up onto your skin.

Respiratory Issues From Drain Unblocking

Powerful fumes can be released by drain unblockers, and by the chemical reactions that occur with gases and substances found within sewers and drains. These fumes can cause irritation to the internal linings of the respiratory system and result in respiratory distress or even permanent damage.

Poisoning and Toxicity Risk From Drain Unblockers

Obviously, wherever possible we should all avoid having powerful chemicals in the house. This is sensible to avoid serious injury and death. If you do want to keep powerful drain unblocking solutions in your home, be safe. Make sure they have tightly closed childproof lids, and are kept well out of the reach of children and pets. Store them securely and not near any sources of heat or flame.

MZR Commercial & Domestic Drainage Services Birmingham

Experts Know How To Unblock a Drain Safely

Household drain unblockers may seem like a simple solution, but they can do more harm than good. The best solution to blocked drains is to call in a professional drain unblocking service.

Take action on blocked drains safely by calling Birmingham blocked drain experts on 0121 663 1060.

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