New Year’s Resolutions for Drain Maintenance

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New Year is a time for reflection and making commitments to self-improvement. Traditionally, now is the time to drop the unhealthy habits we’ve acquired and get our bodies, minds and lives into shape. But what about the unhealthy drain maintenance habits we have adopted?

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Those unhealthy habits for your drains and pipes can cost you time and money. Ensure your drains stay in top condition all year long by adopting these New Year’s drain maintenance resolutions:

A Hot Water Rinse For Clear Drains

After using your sink, ensure you get into the habit of running hot water to clear the pipes. This practice means hot water can melt fat and grease that has settled in pipes and encourage it to clear the system. If left to accumulate, solidified fat can mix with other debris to cause drain blockages at any level of your drainage system.

Dispose Of Fat and Oils Properly To Keep Drains Healthy

Pour any cooking fat or fatty substances like gravies and sauces by pouring them into a disposable container and putting them in the bin. Scrape plates and dishes before washing up or loading the dishwasher. Better still, use paper towels to wipe the majority of sauce and food debris from plates and dishes before introducing what’s on them to your drainage system. Your appliances and your pipes will thank you for it.

Be Careful What You Flush To Avoid Drainage Problems

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If you are guilty of flushing things like wet wipes and sanitary protection down the loo, then you’re asking for drainage trouble. Instead, put wipes, sanitary products and paper towels in the bin. Save the toilet for what it’s intended to flush. Even so-called ‘flushable’ wipes should be avoided. There’s really no such thing as a flushable wipe. Manufacturers use this to label products that eventually break down in the water. However, these products do not break down within a timescale that would prevent clogging up plumbing systems.

Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

When was the last time you gave your drains a professional clean? Could we guess it might be ‘never’? Ensuring your drains are clear and in top condition can keep them in working order all year round.

The best way to avoid drainage issues arising in emergency situations is to deal with potential issues before they cause damage.

Get a CCTV drain inspection by top Birmingham drain engineers

Find out what drain maintenance problems could be lurking in your drainage system beneath your property with a CCTV drainage survey. This involves using a flexible rod with a high-tech camera attached and entering the drainage system through a manhole cover. The drainage camera then sends live feed back to our drain engineers. This allows them to visualise your drainage system to identify any issues like tree root ingress or cracks or erosion of pipework. We are able to immediately diagnose and treat any problems and keep your drains in top condition.

Giving your drains some TLC in 2022 can give you peace of mind. Contact Birmingham’s drainage experts today.

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