What You Can Do About Blocked Drains at Christmas

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Did you know, Christmas is one of the busiest periods for blocked drains? And one of the main causes is Christmas dinner.

Over-indulgence is par for the course over the festive season. As a result, the average person gains around four pounds just between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day alone. But, it isn’t just the excess fat around our waists we have to worry about…

A survey has shown that 25% more waste fat is poured down the nation’s drains at Christmas than at any other time of the year. The main culprit for this is the roast turkey or goose. And, of course, the gallons of goose fat used to crisp those dChristmas blocked drainselicious roast potatoes on the big day.

The items on the Christmas menu seem a little less appealing when you visualise the estimated 15 million cups of fat making its way down British kitchen sinks on Christmas day. That’s enough to overflow an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

(Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash)

Fat and Grease Solidify To Block Drains

Although fat and grease might look like a liquid when you pour it down the sink, inside your pipes and the sewer system it solidifies. It then mixes with other solid debris to create blockages. Not only can these blockages in your drains cause backups and overflows they can also lead to collapsed pipes.

Within the greater drainage system, fat can cause fatbergs and sewer blockages. The cleanup costs for sewer blockages ultimately ends up being passed back to the public in our water bills. It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid such widespread problems from fat entering the drainage system.

The best way to avoid blocked drains this Christmas is to take the following measures:

Dispose of cooking fat responsibly to avoid drain blockages

Leftover cooking fat in a roasting tray should be poured into a container, cooled and put in the bin along with your household waste. Never pour it down the sink or flush it down the toilet.

Don’t Rinse, Wipe and Keep Drains Clear

avoid excess fat blocking drains

Trays, plates, gravy boats and roasting tins should be wiped with a paper towel before washing up or loading them into the dishwasher.

(Photo by Martin de Arriba from Pexels)

Stop Debris Going Down Your Plughole

Invest in a plug-hole strainer and ensure that plates are thoroughly scraped before dishwashing.

Get Help Quickly If You Have Drainage Issues

Our drain unblocking services are available all year round. Even on Christmas day, for emergencies. We can sort your drains with emergency blockage-clearing techniques in Birmingham and the Midlands.

Our team of experts have a range of tools, and can even undertake CCTV drain inspections if necessary. We can diagnose and treat the problem on the same day, using powerful drain jetting solutions to get your blocked drains clear and running freely again.

Avoid drainage problems this Christmas, but if you’re less than perfect, you won’t be on our bad list. Even if the worst happens, we are here to help. We are open 24 hours for people who need emergency assistance with blocked drains in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas. Contact us on Whatsapp or by phone.

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